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Whether you want to be mean, or be nice - Mr. Lulz has your back!

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How ROFL Mail works

 ROFL = Rolling On Floor, Laughing. Hence, ROFL Mail is mail that would make you roll on the floor, laughing. Mails sent by us can be pranks and gags, or surprise gifts – but they’re surely going to be funny, and anonymous.


ROFL Mail puts together some of the most well-executed and thought-provoking anonymous mails out there. Above all, you can customize your mails! For example, with Shout Out you can have personal wishes delivered, in any digital format, on a useful flash memory stick. So not only is it going to be a nice surprise message, it’ll be delivered anonymously and in a useful gift as the vessel.

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On the other hand ROFL Mail allows you to send off a box full of BUGS with the purpose to prank/shock someone. Now that’s unlike anything you can find – almost a whole new genre of product/services within itself. While you would find classics like Glitter Mail and Shit Mail, you’ll find ROFL Mail originals such as Prankties, Shout out, or Prankternity Test (just to name a few).

Another unique attribute of ROFL Mail’s products/services is that we re-use discarded packaging – including brand name boxes! So when people purchase luxury items but do not want to keep the packaging around, we collect them and ‘recycle’ them by using as packaging for our products. Doing so not only benefits the environment, but it also add’s the surprise when the recipient opens up their mail to think they’ve received an anonymous luxury surprise!

Give the products a gander, and send someone an anonymous prank – or a gift – mail today

Note: As shocking as the anonymous mails are, they’re completely safe & environment-conscious.

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As featured in The Province (Thur. Aug 27 2015, Vancouver BC)

We had a fun ride - lots of ROFL's delivered over the past couple years, but it's time for TheGrizz to focus on other fun stuff. Thanks for all your support. Dismiss