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ROFL Mail – Anonymous Mail

We all know how fun it is when we do something – that gets a reaction out of people – anonymously.

ROFL Mail lets you do JUST that! We do the dirty work for you. Being a creation of Sam TheGrizzly, a lot of effort is put towards delivering a quality prank mail. We let you:




Although ROFL Mail carries a variety of bizarre anonymous prank mail ideas, we ALSO make sure to cater to those who may not share that crude sense of humor. We let you send nice things as well – anonymously.

Imagine you had a way to send your message across, with complete anonymity, and all you have to do is sit back and ROFL – knowing they’ve been messed with! An anonymous mail, whether it is a ROFL Mail prank mail or a ROFL Mail fun mail.

May it be a special token of appreciation for your partner, or a prank for your neighbour – let us show you how we can be your messenger of choice, with our exclusive personalized services! We let you do it all, with utmost discretion, at a practical cost.

We are always open to your suggestions as well!! Feel free to contact us anytime! 🙂

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Products & Service

ROFL Mail strives to provide you with the best experience possible when it comes to sending anonymous prank mail. Or funny, sweet, personalized mail. Either way, we deliver your message, for you – so you remain anonymous.

We take anonymity and discretion very seriously. By eliminating the chances of exposure of sender’s information, we allow you to feel much more comfortable in expressing yourself. Without having to face the consequences or repercussions associated with the prankED (recipient) being able to identify the prankER (sender).

We also aim to make your anonymous mail experience to be seemless, effortless, and highly enjoyable. Keeping things simple in ways, by preventing pranks form becoming far too complex (or elaborate), we make sure a great time (for most parts) is to be had by all those involved! 😀 Prank mail set aside, even the cute and personal anonymous mails are meant to be items that can be used on a regular basis – not just a medium for delivering a compliment anonymously.

At ROFL Mail we believe that offering our customers a series of options for pranks or gifts, they can mail anonymously, is key to keeping things fresh and interesting for everyone. Nobody likes to use old, used up, recycled ideas. The expertise of the people at ROFL Mail, combined with the resources and knowledge of, we build upon tried and tested anonymous mail ideas. The key is to re-innovate, Innovation, inspired by great ideas that already exist out there, can lead to the opening up of many minds, raising the possibility of generating creative products one can mail anonymously to express their opinion in secrecy. A creative idea – with proper execution – can go a long way, from generating a strong sense of accomplishment within the sender, to a near magical sense of surprise and awe within the recipient! You remember that sense of wonder you felt as a child whenever a talented magician executed a great magic trick? A recipient of anonymous prank mail can feel the same way, regardless of their age! So why not get creative, right? Right!

Part of the creative process is being open to input. That is why we are always glad to hear your feedback on existing anonymous prank mail ideas we offer, as well ideas for potential future products! Feel free to contact us for your input!

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