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ROFL Mail’s Creepy Crickets is possibly the best way to really surprise that special person. The crickets are safe and all, obviously – but they’ll be eager to get out and jump around. The element of surprise that comes with a ROFL Mail anonymous mail, let alone the Creepy Crickets from their Bugs category, is something that’s difficult to replicate. Like their other products, they package their shipments with a lot of care and attention.

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Crickets? What do I get to send?

– Starting at 5 (and up to 30!) of the cutest live crickets!

– A letter with your personalized message, or something bizarre made up by us!

(please be sure to read the sections below before purchasing – thanks!)


Crickets have always been one of those elusive bugs that most are curious to see but until they are seen, remain a major nuisance. Imagine the recipient of your choice opining up the mail and a dozen crickets just go nuts and jump around!

Well, it wouldn’t be like us – here at ROFL Mail – if we didn’t give you the chance to mess with somebody by sending them an anonymous prank mail filled with a bunch of crickets! Will the crickets jump out all over the place? Only fate holds the answer to that question!

With ROFL Mail’s Bug Mail – Creepy Crickets, you get to send 12 live adult crickets to any recipient you choose!

When the recipient would open their mail, they’ll end up with excited creepy crickets! Since they do belong to the bug/insect category, there are some important factors to consider! Such as:

  • Make sure your recipient has a sense of humor in order to appreciate the ROFL Mail anonymous prank mail, as it is with all the prank mail services we offer!
  • Make sure the recipient won’t be the faint of heart type! We wouldn’t want to deliver such a grand element of surprise that it might end up being an unintended threat to one’s health!
  • Be okay with knowing that due to uncontrollable circumstances, there is the slight chance that not every single cricket would make it 🙁 We know, it’s sad.


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