Slimy Superworms


Slimy Superworms (aka Kingworms) by ROFL Mail is one of the slimiest anonymous prank mails one can send to anyone – safely and securely. The worms are carefully packaged to deliver the element of surprise, in a creepy manner, as efficiently and securely as possible. Read more about these slimy superworms in the product description!

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What (superworms) do I get to send?

– Five (or more!) of these super slimy, super wormy SUPERWORMS! (aka Kingworms)

– A note with your personal message, or leave it to us and we’ll think of something rude and/or hilarious!

(please be sure to read the sections below before purchasing – thanks!)



What comes to mind when you hear the word “superworms”? Sense of disgust? A sudden on-set of goosebumps due to an underlying fear of such bugs?

Well now you can deliver that feeling, LIVE, to any recipient you want, via this ROFL Mail anonymous prank mail. Being our most slimy anonymous prank mail, this one is bound to get the person real good!

With our Bug Mail – Kingworms, your recipient would be delivered a package with over-active worms – which will be sure to freak them out! But like the other Bug Mail prank mail ideas we offer, these worms are harmless and odorless! They will not harm anyone, but in fact, potentially serve to be great feed as these worms are loved by other predators in Mother Nature! Birds, reptiles, they all love these worms! So this means that the recipient, post-horrified, can just chuck these worms out into their yard/garden/local-park, and in-turn do good for the environment!

When the recipient would open their mail, they’ll end up with 10 of these slimy superworms. Since they do belong to the bug/insect category, there are some important factors to consider! Such as,

  • Make sure your recipient has a sense of humor in order to appreciate the ROFL Mail anonymous prank mail, as it is with all the prank mail services we offer!
  • Make sure the recipient won’t be the faint of heart type! We wouldn’t want to deliver such a grand element of surprise that it might end up being an unintended threat to one’s health!
  • Be okay with knowing that due to uncontrollable circumstances, there is the minimal chance that not every single bug (superworms) would make it 🙁 We know, it’s sad.


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