1st Class Award


This cute and personal anonymous mail will surely make the recipient feel great about being fortunate enough to be picked for this. You can let them know, anonymously, which quality of theirs has earned them a 1st class award!

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What award do I get to send?

– Sesame Street “You’re A Star” award sheet ♥

– A personal message (sweet or sour), hand-written for the personal touch

(please be sure to read the sections below before purchasing – thanks!)



Remember those award or prize sheets we got as a kid in school? It gave us that sense of accomplishment, which many chose to hold above the heads of fellow students? Well, now imagine getting one as a grown up, for being AWESOME, or simply a class 1 A-hole! This is bound to make the recipient feel special!

You get to send ONE award! Make it count 😉

If you ever receive this, and read this, make sure you share your experiences!

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Additional information

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