Puzzling Puzzle


Send a personalized Puzzling Puzzle, with the message of your choice in the exciting form of a puzzle! Nothing is quite like having to put together a puzzle in order to decipher an anonymously delivered message!

Watch video in description for a thorough explanation.

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What kind of Puzzling Puzzle?

A 36 pieces (6×6) puzzle with your custom personal message on it. It can be either hand-drawn (for that personal touch) or printed (clearer and finer pictures).

How much will it cost me?

You can send a simple hand drawn Puzzling Puzzle for just $14.99, or a printed one for $24.99 (regular prices).



ROFL Mail surely came up with something truly original with Puzzling Puzzle. We’re more than familiar with the fun of puzzles – especially the sense of accomplishment from completing one. Now, let puzzles be a medium for sending a personal message in a very engaging form! The recipient will have a great time deciphering the personal message!

Your message can be in any form, It can be rude, it can be funny, it can be motivational. You can have it consist of words, or images, or both!

puzzling puzzle anonymous funny fun prank mail gag gift rofl mail

The hand-drawn Puzzling Puzzles will be ultimately personal. The words, those images, it can and will be all hand-drawn. Colorful sharpies will be used, or paints, or anything to get the best quality for you and your recipient!

puzzling puzzle anonymous funny fun prank mail gag gift rofl mail

The printed option is more on the finer side of things. It makes for a truly crisp, customized gift in a way. For this, you can submit a personal design, and we can print it for you. Or you can give us a good idea of the message you would like to deliver, and we can provide samples/mock-ups.

Regardless of the choice, the true surprise is the joy of putting the pieces together. In the mail the recipient will receive a package, which will contain a message “The message lies within the puzzle”, and to accompany would be the puzzle. Within a plastic bag will be pieces of the puzzle, and absolutely no hint as to what the final message is/will be.


Additional Info

Additional information

Weight 0.175 kg
Dimensions 22.9 x 15.9 x 3 cm
Type of Puzzling Puzzle

Hand-drawn, Printed Message


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