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Send someone a Shout Out anonymously via ROFL Mail’s Shout Out. ROFL Mail is changing the way you can deliver your personal message(s), in many cool voices!

You get the option to pick out a neat little pendrive from the vast variety offered, and then get your personal message recorded in the voice of your choice (from the 40 voices offered!).

So make sure you take advantage of this revolutionary way of expressing yourself!

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What do I get to send?

You get to send a personal message, on a practical flash drive. When the recipient receives this message (in which ever digital format you desire) on the flash drive, they will be stumped. Why? Because all they will receive is an inconspicuous flash drive, with just a note saying: Contents Confidential.

To submit your personal message (text/documents/audio/video) or any digital file you’d like us to put on the flash drive, .

The memory sticks are available in 16GB, 32GB, & 64GB memory capacities. The personal message will be saved as a voice note on the memory stick. Samples of voices shown below!

Note: Be sure to specify which Minion/color you prefer, if any, along with the voice in which your message should be recorded.

(please be sure to read the sections below before purchasing – thanks!)



There never has been a better way to convey a personal message or give a shout out. Via ROFL Mail’s Shout Out you get to send your message in any one of our many many voices! Whether your message will be funny, or cute, or rude, or of a confession type – have it delivered anonymously, in a super fun way! You choose what you want to say to the recipient, and tell us how you want that message to be heard – as in what voice-over, which tone etc. – in which vessel (as in which flashdrive).


rofl mail anonymous prank gag gift shout out voice options

Voices available for your message to be recorded in – courtesy of an application via Google Apps.


Check out the special voice effects’ voice samples in the playlist below: (only some of the voice effects are sampled; for more samples please feel free to contact us)


If you’re looking for a witty and clever way to give a Shout Out to someone you know, then look no further! You not only get to send your message in a cool voice of your choice, but the recipient ends up with a thumb drive flash drive, which they can use on a regular basis for personal storage.

Think of it as giving someone a present, anonymously. One can take advantage of the anonymous aspect of this ROFL Mail to send out compliments or wishes.

despicable me minions thumb drive pendrive jumpdrive memory stick rofl mail shout out anonymous personal message

Despicable Me (c) Minions memory stick in which you can have your personal message stored.


For example, senior executives at a large corporation can use ROFL Mail’s Shout Out to let their employees (on many levels) know that they’re performing well, that their efforts are being recognized, etc.

But then again, we’re positive that some of you will ask us to send someone a f**ked up message, in a hilariously evil voice-over. That’s cool too. We don’t judge. The possibilities are endless, really!


rofl mail anonymous prank gag gift shout out voice personal message

Cute little boxes in which you can send off your Shout Out (via the memory stick of your choice)


No better way to surprise someone with a personal message in a cool “vessel” than ROFL Mail’s Shout Out!

If you ever receive this, and read this, make sure you share your experiences!


Additional Info

Additional information

Weight 0.050 kg
Dimensions 22.9 x 15.9 x 4.5 cm
Memory Capacity

16GB, 32GB, 64GB


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