Dicklicks Gum


Dicklicks Gum (Strawberry) by ROFL Mail is a sweet new twist on to blowing bubbles! This penis shaped chewing gum lets the recipient keep their breath fresh, while they imagine about how they’re chewing a bunch of miniature penises.

The flavor and concept themselves take a little getting used to, but it’s one to surprise others for sure!

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What do I get to send?

Dicklicks Gum (Strawberry Flavor)

– A very ‘to-the-point’ message to the recipient, stating them to “eat a dick!”

(please be sure to read the sections below before purchasing – thanks!)



ROFL Mail’s Dicklicks Gum is quite the popular anonymous prank mail sent from the Dicks category. Know someone who loves strawberry flavoured chewing gum as much as they love dicks? Then Dicklicks would even make for a decent anonymous gift! LOL

Dicklick’s will let the recipient keep their mouth busy while keeping their breath fresh! With strawberry flavoured little peckers, this anonymous prank mail is sure to leave an impression.

If you think “chewy dicks” (Dicklicks) is a hilarious idea – then ROFL MAil’s DICKS category of anonymous prank mail was made for you! Besides dick-shaped chewing gum, you can send dick-shaped hard candy or even dick-shaped lollipops!

With utmost discretion, making sure neither your’s or our information gets exposed, we will mail this hilariously delicious prank to a recipient of your choosing!

If you ever receive this, make sure you share your experiences!



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