Penis Candy


ROFL Mail’s Penis Candy is a very sweet, citrus. and funny anonymous prank mail to somebody! Delivered in a fancy fabric candy-bag, for that added feel of luxury.

The penis candy comes in assorted fruit flavors, and is made of the finest ingredients! They might be little peckers, but they pack a lot of fun! They’re super fun – you could say.

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What do I get to send?

– DICKS! DICKS! DICKS! A whole bunch of sweet little dicks! (25 or more, assorted penis candy in fruit flavors)

– A sweet little note asking the recipient to “eat a dick!”

(be sure to read through the sections below before purchasing – thanks!)



Dicks are great, in all shapes and sizes! Right? .. Just like candy! Small candy, big candy – no matter the size, it’s the quality that matters ūüėČ So for those who appreciate quality over quantity, ROFL Mail’s Penis Candy anonymous prank mail from their Dicks category is perfect!

Well at least we think so! We ship out a bunch of tangy, fruity flavored peckers to a recipient of your choosing. They get 25 of these fruity little dicks (Penis Candy) to chew, suck, and swallow! Get a chuckle out if it all as well. These little joy-bringers (penis candy) can be a delicious anonymous prank for almost anyone! Especially if they love penis, and if they love candy even more.

If you ever get this, and happen to be reading this, don’t be shy to share your experiences!

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