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ROFL Mail’s Glitter Mail is a very unique approach at the classic annoying glitter prank mail. Send it anonymously, for any occasion, to anybody, anywhere! We can enclose it in a letter for you, or a greeting card (possibly personalized) for any specified occassion!

Not only do we offer the ability to customize this classic ROFL Mail anonymous prank mail, but we offer it in multiple sizes!

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Glitter? What do I get to send?

  • Glitter (duh!) Glamorously Glistening Glitter! Discretely enclosed, only bound to spread everywhere when desired *secret mechanism – read below*
  • Letter, 1 page, stating how the recipient is such a fortunate person!
  • OR, a card – for any specified occasion.

Overall, a classic Glitter Mail, with a new twist! Available in two different doses 😀

(please be sure to read through all the sections below before purchasing – thanks!)


The letter would say something likethis.



I remember when I first came across the glamour of glitter, as if it was an arts and crafts course I had just attended yesterday. It was matter readily able to be put in any painting or sculpture, via an adhesive compound.

It was not too long after, I inevitably faced the potential of glitter sans any adhesive compound. On a random day, where the bottle of glue was nowhere to be found, a lurking bottle of glitter taunted me to express myself in an artistic expression. Hence, giving in, I did – ever so naive, unsuspecting of the mayhem that was to unfold soon thereafter.

I sat down with the untouched canvas, destined to make an impression that would last for days to come, only to come to the sad realization that I was lacking a key component of the process: an adhesive compound.  But I went ahead, hoping that I could substitute my natural bodily “adhesive” for the absent component. What happened next? To spare you the explicit details, long story short: for the moment, I had the glitter stated wherever I chose it to be. I had no regrets, no shame, sans remorse – in any shape or form, for the choices that had been made in the procurement of this self-expression.

When it came time to let others witness my creation, for their enjoyment or critiquing purposes, it came time for me to inevitably face the fate I had dealt myself. With extreme enthusiasm I opened up my drawing, holding within myself nothing but only the desire to impress the audience, leaving them in awe!

Upon unfolding my creation, I saw an event transpire that made time tick by a thousand times slower than normal… I saw thousands, maybe millions, of tiny tiny pieces of hopes and dreams burst into the open space and trickle down the surrounding airspace. It was quite embarrassing in the moment, but perhaps thanks to my fortune, I was only put through half of the misery in the time being. The other half was yet to come.

As I sunk in the sorrows of having self-initiated a very regrettable display of failure, at its best, I faced the pending task of disposing of the remnants of the event. I had to clean up all the glitter afterall..

After my initial sweep of the premise, I was under the impression that I had achieved completion in this task at the least.. but I was only mistaken. Unfortunately I suffered the repercussions for days on days. The glitter had made up its mind – it was there to taunt me, for an eternity.

An experience of this nature, had by many others as well, has led to an increase in number of portals where normal civilians could opt in to bestow the suffering of thoroughly dispersed glitter unto others, as they wish.


So what would set us apart from others?

We have a unique measure in place when sending off the glitter, which assures maximal dispersion – hence maximized success! 😀

Also, we offer you the choice to select the ‘vessel’ within which you want to disperse this magical surprise! LOL. You get to customize the prank, with a note and card (if selected).

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