Prankternity Test


ROFL Mail’s Prankternity test is no regular paternity test. Send this to your favourite, sexually active heterosexual male friend, and get a laugh!

With this anonymous prank mail, exclusive to ROFL Mail, you get to send off a fake blood sample from some mysterious ex-lover, who has suddenly decided to come in touch with the father of her child.

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What do I get to send?

  • A vial of fake blood, all red and juicy! (not to be confused to be edible! lol)
  • A letter from a “former lover” stating that she’s come to realise that her child is in fact a product resulting from a previous intimate encounter between herself and the recipient – bound to knock the wind out of the recipient!

(please be sure to read the sections below before purchasing – thanks!)


The letter will go something like this.



We all know the genre of TV shows which are built upon the premise of infidelity and unfaithful partners – and how enticing those paternity tests are! They really get the participants and the audiences riled up. Not to mention, the heart of the potential-parent is generally beating at a road-runner’s pace before they find out what the results are.

Well, now you can be an anonymous host of such a show, and pick your own participants without them knowing. Through this ROFL Mail exclusive “Prankternity Test”, send a paternity test as a prank mail to some (un)lucky guy! 

That’s the only thing though – the recipient has to be a heterosexual male, and a whore while he’s at it too! Because, as we grown ups know, it takes a male and a female to be intimate to… well you know, the whole ‘the birds and the bees’ thing.

So yeah, one day we thought it would be HILARIOUS to “mess with the playa, not with the game”. This ROFL Mail prank mail is bound to throw a playa off his game. 

If you end up reading this, because you were the recipient of this ROFL Mail prank mail, then let us know how it all played out!!


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