Prankties (Prank + Panties)


Send someone you know a pair of panties, marked to be from some secret admirer! Furthermore, ROFL Mail has added a special option that’s bound to make this anonymous mail that much more fun and unique!

Have the panties smell nice (feminine perfumes) or gross (nasty stuff that comes out the other end), your call!

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What do I get to send?

The recipient will get a ‘prank panty‘ – panties claimed to have been personally worn by a mysterious admirer.

You have the option to have these panties scented one of two ways: great (feminine perfume)  -OR-  bad (like farts & poo), no way at all. We randomly choose which panty we send. Prankties are accompanied with a personal note.



One day, when the founder of ROFL Mail was sitting in a recording booth as a guest speaker for Alex and Simon (podcast: Vancouver, Right?), this idea was sprung up as a joke – but Sam (founder, ROFL Mail) thought otherwise.

The boys were talking about a variety of subjects in the recording session, but surely they wanted to discuss the inspiration(s) and strategies involved in creating an effective anonymous prank mail. When they were discussing all the bizarre anonymous prank mail ideas that Sam came up with, and all the stringent processes he goes through to ensure his prank mail ideas are well-executed and original, the idea of Prankties was born.

Considering how ROFL Mail created anonymous prank mail ideas such as Prankternity Test, Shit Mail, and other hilariously original prank mail ideas – prank + panties, to form Prankties, was only inevitable. Branching off that particular genre of humor, Sam thought it’d be funny for some guy (or gal) to get a random pair of provocative panties that would be labelled to be from some mysterious admirer.

To take it a step further, ROFL Mail allows you to send the panties off with a special twist of their own – the element of scent! You can choose the panties to smell nice, as if they were just taken off some well-groomed female; or they can smell bad, as if they were infused with liquefied farts n feces *barff*.


If you ever receive this ROFL Mail, keep the panties (just be sure to wash them first), and leave your feedback with us!


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