The Proposal


The Proposal by ROFL Mail is no regular proposal – it’s more of a daunting teaser, a shiny teaser, that can either make someone laugh or too..

As we must’ve, some time along the way, admitted that we get a laugh (or two) out of some other’s misery – this one can really mess with some innocent person in a serious, loving, long-term committed relationship. They would open the product thinking it’s going to be a sweet surprise from their significant other, but in-turn receive a gag, a prank if you must.

NOTE: The actual ring may slightly vary than those pictures.

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What (proposal) do I get to send?

  • A random ring, holding a zircon, to imitate the typical engagement ring! A beautiful “proposal” šŸ˜›
  • Ā A handwritten note, theĀ proposal (stating something likeĀ ā€œan exquisite rock for my exquisite gemā€ or ā€œthe only rock worthy of my gemā€, etc.)

(please be sure to read the sections below before purchasing – thanks!)



ROFL Mail had yet to release an anonymous prank mail that really has the potential to get under oneā€™s skin and really get them where it may hurt.. until this one, The Proposal.

We all know how sensitive the subject of a proposal is for women/men all around. So, it makes some people wonder, why on earth would ROFL Mail have such an anonymous prank mail – that might really toy with oneā€™s emotions? The answer is quite simple :Ā because they can.

ROFL Mail is all about pushing the limits when it comes to anonymous prank mail ā€“ this has been well established by now. Besides that, we do in fact try to keep our primary focus in mind: fun – to be had, by all those involved. But then this ā€œfunā€, it can be quite the tricky thing! One person may find a particular anonymous prank mail to be funny, at the very instant they come across it – but the other person may feel the absolute opposite.

‘The other personā€™, occasionally referred to being theĀ ā€˜butthurtā€™ one, may eventually one day end up looking at the prank from a brighter perspective. So, the pranksperts at ROFL MailĀ take consolation in knowing that if one does not find our The Proposal (anonymous) prank mail to be funny right away, then perhaps time will heal all, and shine light on the brighter side! Afterall, how can one resist laughing when someone asks “remember that hilarious fake proposal”, lol!

The ProposalĀ will possibly be the first (of many) anonymous prank mail to push the boundaries in the manner it does, but then again: someoneā€™s got to do it. And gladly it was us –Ā that way you know that The Proposal is being sent out by those who make it a strong point to keep the fun factor active, regardless of what we do.

So, if you’re feeling evil and know someone who is in a serious, full-time, committed relationship ā€“ ready to tie the knotĀ ā€“ then keep this * exclusive *Ā ROFL Mail anonymous prank mail in mind, because nothing would mess with that person the way The ProposalĀ would!

If you ever receive this, and read this, make sure you share your experience by commenting below!


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