Shit Mail


ROFL Mail’s Shit Mail is kind of a fake shit, that would be a shitty thing to send someone. But it’s a shitty shit. Anonymously, it’d be a funny prank!

This fake turd looks so real, it’s rather gross. That’s exactly why it’d make a perfect anonymous prank mail!

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What do I get to send?

  • A soft, squishy little piece of shit turd – fake turd, real smell!
  • A rather vulgar note, telling the recipient to EAT SHIT!

(please be sure to read the sections below before purchasing – thanks!)



Remember when we used to leave a flaming brown paper lunchbag, with shit in it, at our neighbour’s door-step? Well, neither do we, but we surely saw kids on the television do it all the time. And it looked really fun, lets admit it… Well now you can get in on the fun – without having to get your hands dirty (literally), and better yet without having to do all that running!

The turd will include a personal note stating that the recipient should proceed to consume a large portion of the item in possession… but not exactly in the polite manner.. neither that exact piece of turd, as it is not edible! Lol

  • By eliminating the brown paper lunchbag, we are saving precious natural resources!
  • By eliminating the fire, we are greatly reducing the risk of fire-related damages!
  • By eliminating the need to run away, we keep this prank comfortable for everyone!


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Additional information

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None, Glitter Mail card/letter


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