Shocking Giveaway!


ROFL Mail’s Shocking Giveaway! is just as shocking – as engaging – of a prank mail it is. It relies on the basic human curiosity, and desire to win something!

The recipient gets a wireless key-less remote car entry key-chain, with a authentic looking letter that will state that the recipient has been exclusively selected for regional sweepstakes.

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What do I get to send?

  • A “shocking” car remote key, with a built in white LED flashlight, and a laser.. Pew pew!
  • A letter from “International Auto Sweepstakes” telling the recipient they’re a selected lucky participant in a regionally held ‘scavenger hunt’

(please be sure to read the sections below before purchasing – thanks!)



Shocking Giveaway! is our most ‘electrifying’ prank ever. The car access remote control is not only a fun gag to play around with, but it can really give out a hefty zap as well!

I remember when the first shipment came in, and we had to test each and every single one by hand, OURSELVES! Imagine that: a group of people sitting around, repeatedly electrically shocking themselves. That’s a bunch of committed, busy bunch if I ever saw one.

Shocking Giveaway! would be excellent for many reasons, but mostly due to the fact that it has the potential to be very user-engaging. With the elaborate scheme drawn out by the letter accompanying the shock car remote key, the recipient will be left wondering WTF. But when the human curiosity kicks in, they’ll actually be inclined on leaving their residence immediately, in order to locate and ‘win’ this mystery ‘luxury SUV’. Now, besides just hoping that it would play out that way, if it does – that would just be a HILARIOUS added bonus!

The shock is serious though, so we would warn you to not send this to somebody with existing heart diseases/problems, and/or pregnant women. We wouldn’t want to cause any serious harm to anybody. Afterall, ROFL Mail anonymous prank mail ideas are supposed to be fun for all those involved!


Consider yourself warned!


The letter will go something like this.


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